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Here you will find:

  • A report on arrangements adopted in different countries for the validation of non-formal and informal learning, following the COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION 20/12/12

  • an open source data base available in different countries aimed at sharing information and methods in order to help direct and indirect target (see above) in the process of IDENTIFICATION, DOCUMENTATION and ASSESSMENT of individual’s learning outcomes acquired through non-formal and informal learning

  • a guidance module that could help migrants and vocational operators to reach in one UE country the validation and certification of NFIL acquired in another EU ore non EU country





I.O. 1 – Study Report

TV_IO1_studyreport_Summary Report


I.O. 2 – Transnational Framework Of Eligible And Certifiable Competences


I.O. 3 Computer data base processing

The objective of O.I. 3 is to create a computer database in O.E.R. that contains and makes available information about the possibility of acquiring NFIL valorization in different European countries and related to different professional profiles.

The database is available with this link


I.O. 4 Accompanying module

Methodological Guide



The VYSAE (Valorize Your Skills Across Europe) network was established at the end of the Valorize NFIL Across Europe project.
People with a migration project who would like to know if it is possible to recognize their Non Formal and Informal Learnig connected with one of the profiles contained in the database and in a country other than the one in which they reside can request information by contacting the email address of one of the network hubs.

Network Hubs